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Can I have rapid fire on R1 ?

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Hi, I placed an order recently and I was wondering about rapid fire. I play with L1 and R1 to aim and shoot,  would it be possible to flip R1 and R2 in controller settings and have rapid fire on R1? I know in cod menu you can flip settings, but was just curious...


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4 minutes ago, Thomas Scott said:

Sean, thank you for sharing. So I cant flip R1 and R2 without layouts mod?


The default PS4 controller button layout has R2 as your shooting button and L2 as aiming one. If you wish to have Rapid Fire on R1 and aim with L1, you will need to have Layouts mod added and enabled on your controller. The next step is to switch both your game and controller setting to Default Flipped (sub-mode 6 in Layouts mod). Another advantage of adding Layouts mod is the ability to use all mods in all available button layouts (lefty, tactical etc..). You can read more about the feature here: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/button-layout-maps

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