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37 minutes ago, Shawn Bridges said:

Hi y'all what is the best controller for the ps5 to play the show 22?

Hi Shawn,


For sports games, the best choice will be a either a PS5 controller with Back Buttons - Advanced  (PS5 avail) - will give you Standard Remap and Turbo

or the Macro Remap controller (PS5 and PS4 avail) that allows 5 button inputs: Standard Remap, Turbo, Continuous Press, Auto Double and Triple Tap.

 I would also add Mechanical Shoulder Triggers for better precision, response and control in game
To build your controller, go here https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller and select Back Buttons - Macro Remap or Advanced:

back buttons 2 ps5.png

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