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How does xbox one modded controller work?

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Hi, I am looking into purchasing an Xbox One mod controller, it's going to be my first one and would appreciate some help from the community.  On the Juggernaut mod pack how do I know which mod is on,  how many I can activate at once and what do layouts do?

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Hi, you will be notified via a color-coded LED indicator of all enabled mods and sub-mods. Each mod has a corresponding color.

You can have 4 mods enabled at once : one shooting one and three non-shooting ones.

Layouts enable you to use mods in all button layouts other than Default. You can use Rapid Fire and other mods in Default Flipped, Lefty etc..

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38 minutes ago, Maureen Bell said:

Kathy, thanks a bunch!! And what happens if I cut my controller off and I have 4 mods on it, if I cut the controller back on will they still be there and will the sub modes be the same?

Maureen, a modded controller will always remember the configuration of modes and sub-modes it had on before powering down. You can read more about Mega Modz technology, LED indicator,  color sequence, mod switch and more via this section https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods-overview 


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