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  1. I would say it depends on technology I tried several sites and these guys controller was the easiest, there was very little confusion at the beginning but only because it was a new product for me. I purchased my controller off a youtube review on mega modz, thers is also a pretty good tutorial on some mods too, I donàt know if you are an xbox user, but if you are check it out, he also gives a promo code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zMtDLZ4obY&t=38s
  2. Hi, you will be notified via a color-coded LED indicator of all enabled mods and sub-mods. Each mod has a corresponding color. You can have 4 mods enabled at once : one shooting one and three non-shooting ones. Layouts enable you to use mods in all button layouts other than Default. You can use Rapid Fire and other mods in Default Flipped, Lefty etc..
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