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Auto Sprint problem

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Hi, Auto Sprint is compatible with all COD games, including Warzone. It is not difficult to use, first check if you have an available slot on our LED indicator. If all LEDs are taken, make sure you make one free. Then hold down mod switch on the back then hold down R1 (PS4)/Right Bumper (Xbox One) and while holding these 2 buttons down, push in Left Thumbstick. Aqua/light blue/greenish light will come on on the available LED. Now make your soldier walk by moving your left thumbstick UP and briefly tap L2 (PS4)/ Left Trigger (Xbox One) - your soldier will start spinning. You can shoot and aim anytime while sprinting, once you let L2/Left Trigger go, your soldier will continue sprinting. 

Auto Sprint comes with 3 sub-modes, I recommend start with sub-mode 1 and get comfortable using it before moving to others. 

Detailed Instructions and Useful Tips can be accessed here:



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