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For some reason I can't get auto heal to work can someone explain it to me every time I try to turn it on the light is red sometimes I can get it to turn cyan. Oh all I play is Bo4 so I guess I didn't need the auto spot

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Hello James,

Thank you for your question.

Auto Spot is only compatible with BF games as of now. We’ve been working on an update that will allow users to utilize the mod in Warzone as well. But this update is in the works.  

Auto Heal has 3 sub-modes. The first two are compatible with Multiplayer and the third one is compatible with Blackout. It’s best to get familiar with the function description and mod mechanics first before trying to execute it in the game. Here is the mod instructions link below.

You also have the Quick Scope mod in your configuration. 
The activation steps for the Quick Scope and Auto Heal are pretty similar and the corresponding LED color for Quick Scope is red. It looks like you activate Quick Scope instead of Auto Heal. 

Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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