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1 hour ago, justin crovetti said:

Hey there, 

I need a little help. This is my second Mega Modz controller, I have one for my Ps4 that was super easy and worked fantastic. I just received my new Ps5 controller and I have flashing blue lights, I can't get the controller to power on at all. Thank you in advance for your help



Hello Justin,


Thank you for your recent order and for being a loyal customer

The blue flashing light around the touchpad indicates that the controller is very low on charge. Make sure to use high-grade charging cable or a power station/stand. 

If you cannot sync your controller and the blue light keeps blinking, please consider changing your charging supply

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Thanks Mundus,


I figured it out last night. The controller was fully charged . I had used the mfg cable from PS. I totally shut down the Ps5, unplugged the usb cable, restarted the Ps5, plugged the usb back in, then powered the controller on and it synced up at that time. 

Controller works great as expected. Thank you for the reply. I was going to delete this because the issue was resolved, but your timely reply beat me to it. LOL


Thanks Again

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