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Why is it taking so long for my controller to get to where it was shipped to

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22 hours ago, Warren Stratford said:

The list said that my package would be here by the 11th it's now the 12th wondering why such the delay on my package I ordered this controller for a friend and they still have not received it


Thank you for the recent order with us and we are sorry the package is being delayed.

When the package status at www.usps.com says "In transit, arriving late", the best way to speed up the process is contacting USPS directly either via online inquiry (it's super fast and simple) or 800 275 8777, provide with your tracking number (you can retrieve it from your account with us or the email that was sent to you) and inquire what's causing the delay. 

Normally it takes no more than 24 hours after the inquiry for the package to be back on route. 

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