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23 hours ago, Dave Segarra said:

Just received my controller for XBoxOne set up rapid fire per instructions.Seems not to shoot as fast and I go prone after a couple of shoots. Any help will be apriciated.


Thank you for the recent order with us. What weapons are you using it with?

Rapid Fire is compatible with semi auto and single shot weapons only (single shot weapons that have a very slow firing rate such as Bolt Action Rifles are also not a good fit for RF)

There is a speed cap that is pre-set by a game developer that you can't go above. 

For the best performance, it it receommended to use modes 1- 3 if you have semi-auto and/or single-shot guns in your Primary and Secondary slots. Speeds can be adjusted via a programming mode in each sub-mode (more info below).

-Use modes 4 - 6 if you’re playing with semi and fully-auto guns in one game round as it will allow you to quickly toggle Rapid Fire ON and OFF by double tapping on the Triangle button (switching-weapon button).



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