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Controller analog sticks do not work

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Hello Nate, 

Please go ahead and reset your controller:

  • Hold the mod switch and tap the Sync button and then release both buttons. All four LED’s will glow WHITE, the mod is now awaiting further input.
  • Hold the View button and then tap D-Pad down. A special WHITE blinking LED sequence will play back, the mod will erase all current settings and will reprogram itself to the factory default settings.
  • Reboot the controller.

And make sure the controller is well charged, it's a good idea to try brand new AA batteries. If you are using rechargeable ones and they've been in use for seevral months, they may not deliver enough power for the modded controller to function right. 


If these steps do not help, please request RMA in your account with us as we need to inspect the controller at our facility. More on repairs n returns:


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