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FedEx Shipping Is Now Available

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Hello Mega Modz Community,

We are very delightful to announce you can now choose FedEx shipping services when shopping with Mega Modz.

We've been getting many requests from you guys about adding premium shipping options that we couldn't ignore the need any longer.


Why Choose Fedex:

Once you built your controller perfectly to your taste, you simply can not wait another day for the package to not be on time. We totally understand that USPS may not be the optimal option to have your product delivered when in a hurry. FedEx is by far the fastest and most reliable shipping provider out there.

We do recommend choosing FedEx as opposed to other shipping methods to eliminate even the slightest chance of your package getting delayed.


New FedEx Options:

FedEx 2Day
FedEx Standard Overnight

are now available. 


Order Processing Time:

Shipping and controller assembly are 2 different processes, they are not related to each other.

A perfect controller, from both aesthetic and functional standpoints, takes time to be assembled. Every product goes through building and testing stages (especially if mods have been added) that normally takes several days.

We do understand your urge to have it right here and now 🙂 and are happy to offer Same Day Assembly Service (SDA) when possible. SDA may not always be available (it varies on the order load and a controller configuration - some models are easier to build than others).

Once you build your controller and add it to the cart, you will see a list of delivery dates that will depend on an assembly time (Standard or SDA) and a shipping method selected.

You will choose the option that fits your controller desired arrival time and delivery costs the best.

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