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17 hours ago, Richard Gutierrez said:

What is the difference between the reinforced and juggernaut?  I am a COD ayer and will keep playing all future COD games. 

Hello Richard, 

Both packages are designed for COD games. However the Reinforced pack is marketed for the Cold War and has 11 mods.

While the Juggernaut comes with 13 features and is targeted for for Warzone (as it inlcudes 2 mods compatible with Warzone exclusively, - 

Armor Repair Assist and Auto Ping). 


Check out the complete list of mods here:

 Modded Controllers Compatible With Black Ops Cold War | MegaModz.com 

Modded Controllers Compatible With COD Warzone | megamodz.com


If you play Warzone as well, the Juggernaut pack is probably a better choice. 


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