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17 hours ago, Shawn Smith said:

This is my typical controller configuration. The Mod for any fire-related action is strictly programed to the default trigger is this correct?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Shawn,

Your controller has the “Layouts” feature. It allows the user to match button layouts in the game settings and the mods menu. Once matched, you’ll be able to activate and use mods in the preferred button layout. 

If you have already configured Flipped Tactical in the game, the next step would be to change it in the mods menu.

To do so:
1. Enter a programming mode (Mod button + PS Home button)
2. Press the triangle button to start configuring layouts in the mods menu
3. Press the R2 button to go to the next button layout. Press the L2 button to go to the previous button layout. 
4. Tactical Flipped layout in the mods menu  is number 7. When the desired number is reached press the mod button to save the settings. 

Please find the detailed instruction on the layouts feature at the link below

Once changed, you will be able to set up Rapid Fire on the R1 button.
Let us know if that helps.

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