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So I bought the controller in June, arrived somewhere around September (last week or 2 weeks ago), worked fine for the first couple of days.

I went and tried playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, turned on Rapid Fire, worked for a bit, connected the controller to my computer using a USB cable, Rapid Fire doesn't turn on now.

If I do send back the controller, is it going to take months for me to get it back again? (I haven't tried factory reset yet, saw a similar post, will try it tomorrow)


ALL other mods work (that I've tried). Rapid Fire is the only one that doesn't activate/turn the LED red.

Mods I tried:
Akimbo, Rapid Trigger, Fast Reload, Jitter, Sniper Breath, Quickscope

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Hi Ben, 

From what you've described, it looks like there is a bug in the modchip. Please request RMA in your account to send the controller back for inspection and repairs/replacement. Returns are fast, they are handled by a a separate department, as long we have the controller back before the week end, it will be inspected, fixed and sent back to you before the following Monday. 

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