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  1. Great! Thank you for the follow up info, I can't wait to be able to build the full package. (would still like to know what improved back button functionality is though)
  2. Ok cool. Are the back buttons still slayed for the end of this month? Also what is the improved back button functionality that's coming in July? And also, will you be able to get the mods and short throw triggers on the same controller eventually. I don't mind spending the $400 on a controller but I want everything included and not a new better functioning one to be released a month after I order mine. Thank you.
  3. Congrats on the launch. I was building one but noticed there's no back button options, shell colors, and more important, you can't have short throw triggers and mods on same controller. Is this currently stuff that's being worked on?
  4. Are you still thinking end of March? Just wondering as another company I get controllers from is taking preorders for them releasing theirs in April and I was wondering if you guys were going to do the same. I want to try your guys version first but I'm really anxious to have back paddles for my ps5 again.
  5. So when you go into editor there's no front or back shell options. You guys sell out of those already?
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