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We are here to share our experiences, find solutions and a friendly, positive environment is a foundation for productive communication. We hope you all contribute to making this forum a welcoming place. 


  • Try posting your question in the corresponding topic, and it’s a great idea to take a minute to check for similar questions before. You are welcome to contribute to an existing similar thread or create a new topic if your issue hasn’t been discussed before

  • Make sure to check the box for receiving email notifications to know if the topic your participate in got new contributions

  • It is suggested to give feedback if any solutions offered for your question worked or didn't, this way you will thank all contributors and help others who will be having the same question in the future. 

  • If you have a solution to a question that you are not sure about, still post it as this will help brainstorming and ultimately find the solution that works


  • Using offensive language, assaulting other members is prohibited. Let’s respect each other.

  • Sharing personal information (emails, addresses, tracking numbers, screenshots of communication with customer service agents etc) will lead to a ban of your account.

  • Any commercial and personal advertising is not permitted and will result in a ban.

  • Posting sensitive and offensive content containing sexually provocative materials, materials promoting any illegal activity, hate, violence lead to an immediate permanent ban.

  • You can post links in the forum if you think it will be beneficial for other users to follow them (interesting blog entries or products). Initially these links will be formatted to plain text automatically and after getting reviewed by our moderators they may get upgraded to hyperlinks if they carry some value.

  • For all unrelated topics use a special Off-Topic board. Off-topic questions and messages posted in other threads will be deleted.

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