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  1. Thanks can I use the mods in PvP and PvE? Also what if I want to customize my controller, I don't want it in black
  2. Hi, I would like to know the best PS4 modded controller for Destiny 2 with rapid fire and other mods designed for destiny 2. I want all the mods that will make me a God in PvP and PvE. What do you recommend?
  3. Thank you so much? I will be definitely coming up for any future modded controller needs
  4. My name is Jorge and I purchased 2 items for the birthday of my nephews from your website, but it turned out one of them is already getting a modded controller, so I cancelled one as I no longer need it, my apologizes. I still have not received my refund, please let me know if i’m getting refunded for only one purchase. Thank you.
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