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  1. Hello I sent in a controller to be repaired and it was received on the 5th of August how do I see what the turnaround time is going to be I have not gotten any emails yet and was just curious. Thank you
  2. Hello the k1 paddle for my controller order#1121PS5-484139 cracked can you guys just send a new paddle or do I need to send it in? cecil
  3. Or maybe not... did you guys actually get an update from usps? I did not but it's doing this again...
  4. It appears it may be finally moving. So hold off on the new build because it may actually show up now... Cecil
  5. Okay dokay I was looking thru other posts it recommended that I use a physical address for FedEx so I added my physical.
  6. Good Morning James and Mundus, Have you heard anything from USPS they said you guys were the people they will contact after I called them this AM. They added me now but the lady said I should be concerned about how long this has taken and that the controller may need to be replaced. Cecil
  7. So I called them and put the number in they said they will contact me within 3 days 🙄😮‍💨.. will try to be patient! Lol this is a gift for my nephew that is going to be over a month over due..
  8. Strike that j get what you meant in very frustrated with this situation...
  9. Why didn't you guys just give that to me before then?
  10. Good morning mundus still have not gotten my package and nothing has changed on USPS side contacting you as advised. Cecil
  11. I understand this but there has been horrible communication of the delays and promises of an upgrade to the shipping in itself... It has not progressed since the 5th so what do I do if I do not receive my controller and when should I follow up with you guys. Cecil
  12. I ordered my controller on the 26th of Nov. I was told that it was delayed... Then I was told they would do two day shipping which did not happen.. I have emailed with no response... I feel like I have paid for a premium product which should get premium customer care I have not gotten either as of yet.
  13. Hello, I still have not received my controller it's been two weeks since it shipped....
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