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  1. Update, I fixed it. I installed a new USB port on the PS4 and it came up by the time I got home from work!
  2. Is it 3 days from this message or 3 days from when the shipping label is issued? Earliest I can ship it out would be Saturday morning (7/25/2020).
  3. USB cable is showing 1.5A going to the controller, no light as well as continuity. Is there a way to baseline the controller and then plug it up to sync?
  4. Hi, just received my controller back in the mail and ran into the same exact issue except this time I used a cable and supply with Sony’s logo on it. It lit up yellow as if it were charging and I left the PS menu up and then the console went into rest mode. Now the controller will not light up.
  5. Is there a specific sequence that shuts down the ability for the controller to not light up when receiving power? Maybe the chip was disabled some how and it was locked and wouldnt power on? I verified a 1A, 5VDC charge and placed it on overnight and it still wouldn’t light up that it was charging.
  6. The front end of the ps4 or the contact on the charging stand must be bad. Is there a specific wall adapter that you guys use?
  7. When sending an item back for a repair, are there any notifications on: when the item is received, the reason the item had an issue, the fix, and when it is sent back to the consumer? Also, does the Covid processing delay also affect repair turnaround time?
  8. I actively watched the controller charge when i took it out of the box. Used the same charging setup for overnight. Got online around 5pm, full charge and mods worked. It seems like the kill signal from the ps4 took it down and it doesnt know how to boot up. Now I have tried 5 different power supply/cable combos and can’t get a light to come on at all. Is there a specific output current required to charge the battery? I can provide up to 2.5A but requiring that much current to charge seems odd. It almost seems like a Zif cable pin might be shorting. I can run a meter across the battery later and if it shows at least half capacity then that cant be the problem, right?
  9. Hi, I received my controller 06/30/2020 and it worked beautifully. Started playing on 07/01/2020 and took a break to eat and left the controller on, mod chip was OFF. I have a 10 min controller sleep timer set on my ps4 so by the time I came back the controller was disconnected. Now it won’t charge or turn on off of any power supply cable combo including a Playstation charging stand or straight off the USB port. Battery indications showed it was full when i played with it before it died. Kinda sucks I had one day of glory with it and now its just sitting here! Any suggestions on how to wake it up?
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