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  1. Ok, thank you, I get it.. But can I just get a regular Rapid Fire PS4 controller and add Auto Burst and Quick Scope to it? Rapid Fire is the main thing I am after...
  2. Oh one more question, these are undetectable right? Specifically, the MACRO MASTER. Rainbox Six just tweeted something about anti cheating policies. I know modded controllers been around for a while and a buddy of mine owns one so, but figured I'd confirm before purchasing
  3. No I dont think you can't get banned for using a mod. A buddy of mine is using one for fortnite, so far so good. I m shopping for one myself
  4. Um.....I play Tom Clancy's rainbow six a lot, and some divison. So does the MACRO MASTER one do more for me than the other? I understand the turbo function and others but I don't quite get how you program rapid fire with it
  5. Ohhhhh I get it, I think lol I will just follow your recommendation man?
  6. I am choosing between a MEGA MODZ MACRO MASTER PS4 and MEGA MODZ PRO PS4. Which one is better, ideas?
  7. Hi, do I need a macro or modded controller?? I can't decide between a a MEGA MODZ MACRO MASTER PS4 and MEGA MODZ PRO PS4... What is the best one? ??
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