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  1. I did above but -mod switch + tap PS button= 4 white solid lights - hold r2+ Right hand paddle= 4 red flashing lights then none I have also tried tapping r2 + right paddle = noting
  2. Neither paddle on the back currently do anything.
  3. I am trying to set up rapid fire and auto spot
  4. This is what I bought and it includes many mods. I have read instructions and when I hit mod switch and tap PS, I get 4 solid white lights but when I press the r2 button for rapid fire, it changes to 4 red rapid and off.
  5. I am having the same issue. Nothing lights up when I press mod switch, macro and the button I want to assign. There is 2 ways for me to get any lights to come on and that is by pressing mod and PS button(4 white lights come on then rapid red) and mod, PS button and triangle(flashes yellow then one red in position 1, which I believe is sub mode). This gets me into the sub mode. I have reset and restarted...nothing...if I press either macro button and any button....nothing. I have read the instructions 2x and watched the video 2x and my controller doesn’t do the same thing. Mine has 2 addition
  6. I have a new controller and have yet to get anything to work other than mod switch+PS=4 solid lights that eventually change to 4-5 rapid red (all). Also I can go into programming mode and press switch+PS+O=4 solid yellow. My controller has 2 paddles plus 2 what look to be on/off switches. There isn’t anything on your instructions that refer to these that I found. Both r1 and L1 work. I game.
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