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  1. I have tried remapping the macro buttons behind my controller, but to no avail. I have watched the youtube vid where it shows how by holding the mod switch button and the macro button and then hold the stock button that I want to assign to the macro for 2 seconds but I would get a rumble with no light on the led bar. What can I do?
  2. I am using the ping on ads feature on warzone. Thank you for your answers, I will hope that i can use both controller and strikepack so I don't have to sacrifice the fire rate for the anti recoil. I will let you know once I receive my controller and try it out.
  3. Hello Mundus, The main reason why I would like to use both is because of the no recoil and aim assist. The "Ping on ads" is a helpful mod where once you shoot at a target it will ping them and will have a red dot over there head for a few seconds so you an trace them. If the rapid fire mod used with fully auto guns decreases the fire rate, it would take longer to kill your target? I already own the strikepack, I was just wondering if I could combine both to get both features.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if I am able to combine the modded controller that Is on its why with the collective minds strike pack modification kit, as I use the strike pack for no recoil and some other mods that isn't available on this controller such as (Ping on ads) Will I still be able to use the controller mods if I attach the strike pack to the controller?
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