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  1. Tristan - yes it does affect fully auto guns. Certain guns it doesn't mess it up too bad. Also affects using vehicles in warzone because R2 is drive. Rapid fire does have a tactical mode where you double tap triangle to turn it on and off, that is pretty handy for switching between fully auto and single shot guns. I've also started switching my guns to single burst, if it has it. Basically makes it fully auto still without messing other things up.
  2. Don - Ah that really sucks. Can't say I would have been happy if that was my experience. I haven't had any issues with the controller staying connected. I've used it about every day for 2 weeks now and haven't encountered any issues so far. Hopefully they get you all sorted out.
  3. Daniel - The Armor Repair mod has two settings. You can set it up to auto load 3 when you double tap square I think. Or you can set it up so it will automatically put on one armor each time you go in and out of ads.
  4. Dwight - Yeah it was a painful wait for sure and I'm not the patient type at all. But after I received the controller and used it I was very happy with it and would order again knowing the wait time.
  5. Just got my modded PS4 controller for COD/Warzone. Took roughly a month to get here, but that was clearly stated when checking out, so it wasn't a problem at all and worth the wait. The quality is really top notch. Everything works great and I haven't had a single issue with it so far. Definitely a learning curve to figure out which mods work best with your playing style and learning button combos to turn mods on/off on the fly. It's a well thought out modded controller though. The rapid fire mod in tactical mode is great. Just double tap Triangle to turn it on and off. The rapid fire mod with the FAL on COD is reason enough to buy it! The armor assist works great in Warzone too. Very happy with this purchase !!
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