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  1. James. I reset the controller and still does same thing. Rapid fire is just activated to first setup when you activate it but it's not the rate of fire that's the issue it's the game or something that detects rapid fire so it will make the character Melee in between shots so I will lose a gun fight because of it but like I mentioned it also did that before with the strike pack that why I went this expensive route with the bo4 controller setup thinking you guys knew about the melee in between shots so I didn't think it would do on your controller but it does. Now Ive tried auto heal and it would lock up and I would be able to heal because it would have a delay in between healing so I would have to switch guns to reset then I tried fast reload and that would do the reload sequence but the clip wouldn't actually reload until you finish the clip but then would go through the entire normal reload sequence not like a fast reload. Then I said well whatever I'll try zombies and do auto aim which it went crazy on me a zoomed in and out so quick that I couldn't even see what I was doing.. The only thing that works good is sniper breath. Honestly I would be happy if rapid fire worked only and I could deal with the rest not doing what it's supposed to do. I tried everything in my power to make excuses for it to be well spent money but honestly it feels like a waste of money I was better off with the strike pack because at least rapid fire did the same thing and it had low recoil on it a that worked. Honestly if we can figure this out I would like help for a refund.
  2. Hi James Brady. Thanks for the reply I will try and let you know if it works. But honestly I was worried about because before I had a strike pack and the rapid fire did the same thing so I figured because it was a cheap add on to my controller so I went the mod controller route and purchased the mod specifically for BO4 blackout so I thought it would work but same results but I will try the reset. Also the other mods don't work well as well which I'm ok with because I really just want rapid fire but sucks I paid all this money for only to use one mod which is sniper breath because it's the only thing that works properly.
  3. I bought this controller because I thought rapid fire would work but when I shoot the character will automatically melee in between shots. Does anyone know why it does this or how to fix.?
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