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  1. Waiting 30 days to mod a controller is a long time but you had great reviews on the product. I wish there was an overnight option. I would’ve paid for it.
  2. USPS can NOT locate the package. I filled out the lost package claim and my local postal team responded that it never arrived at their facility. They also said they can’t pinpoint what facility it last arrived too. My delivery had changed throughout the past two weeks with an ETA of 8/26 by 8pm. It then changed to in transit, arriving late. As the change happened that’s when i reached for an updated ETA and was told they couldn’t locate it. Been a frustrating and time consuming transaction.
  3. Yup. Just got a notification that it will arrive Wednesday and it’s on time in transit.
  4. Is it possible to just lay you guys to ship it UPS or FedEx overnight. It looks like this USPS postmaster issue is something that isn’t going to be fixed any time soon. I know it’s not megamodz fault but the vendor you guys are using is terrible right now.
  5. I contacted the carrier. They said the label was created but the item never was dropped off for shipment. They also said they aren’t experiencing any delays. So I’m confused again on the notification update from megamodz?! Has this product not been built yet or dropped off to the postal office for shipping?
  6. Placed order on July 20th. Assembly had always been 8/17 until 8/17 - now details are saying possible back order on an item needed to assemble the controller. Can I please have an accurate ETA?
  7. Have you tried the rapid fire with an FAL load out in Warzone?
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