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I want to build an Xbox Series X compatible controller that will allow me to toggle a turbo to have my character in Halo jump repeatedly and stay in matchmaking (A button) without any input from me.

This is done to boost games played and was easily done with old Hori controllers on 360 as you could toggle turbo on Buttons.

I was thinking with current controller mods, I could remap A button to one of the triggers and turbo it but from what I can see, this would require the trigger to be held down. I want to be able to toggle the turbo and not have to hold anything down as this creates the possibility for the button to become depressed while I’m away.

Any ideas on how to do this with a megamodz controller? Or will this not be possible? I’d love to pay someone to make this if it’s not lol. I’m sure it’s very doable to make a toggle turbo for the A button.


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