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  1. Hello, Xbox fans! Xbox Series X controller is going on sale on November, 10 (wow, really just over a week)! With everything happening in the gaming world, it can be hard to keep up, so we’ve added most frequently asked questions in this thread. Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X standard, custom and modded controller - all in one place ⬇️ PRICE & COMPATIBILITY: - How much is the Xbox series X controller? Nothing new here, the usual $60 price tag, it’s available for pre-order now. - Can you use an Xbox One controller on the Series X? Yes, all existing Xbox One controllers will be compatible with the next-gen console. If your gadget is still functional, you don’t have to buy a new one to use it with the series X specifically, unless you want to upgrade for other reasons (like getting a brand-new, custom-designed 😄) - Is the new Xbox Series X controller compatible with Xbox One consoles? Yes again. It is officially confirmed to be backwards compatible with existing Xbox One consoles. EXTERIOR CUSTOMIZATIONS: - Can you design your own Xbox Series X controller? Absolutely. We are happy to offer you the ability to build your own gamepad and transform the default exterior by adding custom skin, ABXY, D-pad, Analogue Sticks, Grip Panels, Triggers and other components that are available. The process of personalizing the Xbox Series X gamepad via the Mega Modz Controller Builder gets almost as exciting as unboxing and holding it in the hands for the first time. While the decision about adding mods such as Rapid Fire etc or not remains solely up to you and depends on factors like games you play, your expectations, ability to learn...However, getting a custom exterior for your controller is a must and is not up for debate. It is something that: 100% reflects your aesthetic taste Makes you feel happy every time you look at it No one else has it (unless they copy you 😀) - How much does a custom Xbox Series X controller cost? The total will depend on the type and number of customizations added. It can start anywhere from the base controller price $69.99 plus extra $4.99 for a set of colored buttons and end up being over $200 if many designed components have been chosen. - Which controller is better: ps5 or Xbox series X? The competition between the two is at full speed, although it is really just marketing, as once you select your preferred console, you tend to stick to it, even if the rival controller seems to be more advanced. But since the question still stands, here is our intake. Both controllers are loaded with the latest technology to meet the next level of gaming experience as announced by Playstation and Xbox. However, Microsoft introduced only several upgrades such as improved ergonomics (re-designed hybrid d-pad, gripped back, triggers and bumpers), and better compatibility. While PlayStation has made some serious changes to the gamepad, from both outside and inside. They gave the controller a completely new look and unseen level of immersion in the game via innovative haptics and adaptive triggers technologies. You can dig more details via the read. Answering the initial question of which controller is better, it is up to you. Do you prefer an innovative approach or would like to stay in a comfort zone with a gadget that has proved to be a high-performer? MODS: - When will the Modded Xbox Series X Controller be released? We know you are waiting for it. We are on the same page with you guys, as soon as our engineering team put their hands on the gamepad, they will be working on the next-gen modchip for the Xbox Series X controller day and night... Until we release it 😀! The hopes are set for January-February of 2021 as the release time for a modded Xbox Series X controller. Keeping fingers crossed. You can Check here for availability. - What modifications will be available on the new Xbox Series X modded controller? Everything you can imagine. Mega Modz plans on releasing: - Popular performing mods (Rapid Fire, Dropshot, Akimbo and others) - Macro Remap (a concept similar to the current Macro Remap functionality offered for PS4 controllers) - Remappable Back Buttons (remapping made easy - all-time user favorite, come as 2 ergonomic buttons on the back) - Advanced Back Buttons (new exclusive feature that is currently in the works, will also be offered for the PS5 modded controllers). It will go way above classic remappable back buttons functionality and will be a hybrid of the Back Buttons and Macro Remap features) - Trigger Locks - another all-time user favorite. Allows to adjust your trigger travel distance the way you want it. Share what you would like to see in Mega Modz Xbox Series X modded controllers and we will do our best to make it happen! Stay tuned!
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