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  1. So reading this last I think the possibility of changing the joysticks modules without problems is better than that mod. Thank you very much!
  2. But now I have two questions about this: 1. If it's not the x button by default but I set it in the in-game controller options so that the jump is assigned to the x, will that work? 2. The Mod called "Layouts" in the edge controller creator shouldn't it be used to make it work with any button? What is it for then? Thank you.
  3. I would swear it is x by default, and that you can change it like u want.
  4. and jumpshot etc with normal guns??? (any LMG for example)
  5. Im thinking about buying an edge controller only for the mechanic to press a two buttons at the same time, but with the release of the new game Xdefiant, I would like if the rapid-fire mod will be compatible. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am from Spain and I am thinking of buying this remote, but I have the same doubt as the author. Sorry for my bad english but I will try, please read slow XD. So from your answer I understand that the edge controller allows you to select a button on the lever through its original Sony software, for example the x, and with the included modchip we could assign another one, for example square, making pressing the lever actions x and square at the same time, is this true? In Fifa to make a fake show we need press x+o, so with this, press the lever is enough, right? And also, would it be possible to configure a button, for example square, to make two buttons with this method (one original software and the other modchip, square and triangle) to reassign it? For example: We have square modified to do square+triangle, and now we configure the lever to do x+square, which would be x+square+triangle with just that press, this is so? Thank you for your attention and sorry if I didn't explain myself well.
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