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  1. It helps out a lot. The last clarification I have is with the Mechanical Shoulders, if this option is selected does that make the controller semi-permemently/hard to remove, or is this something that could be taken off and put back on like a cap of some sort? I do love the idea, I just don't want to get a nice controller like this that I can't use for any game
  2. Hello! I am wanting to get a custom Dualsense controller with some specific features and you guys seem to be the people with the features I'm wanting and at the best price! I want to make sure on a couple of things first though. I am wanting a the adaptive triggers, but also I am intrigued by the hairline triggers. I see the mechanical buttons and shoulders option, but it seems that that's more of a button for pressing like a mouse click and less of an actual trigger anymore. I also saw in earlier posts something about upgraded triggers not working well for racing games, but I do want to have the flexibility to do both. So, does the Mechanical Face Buttons + Mechanical Shoulder Buttons (Soft Version) option allow for that? Does the interchangeable thumb sticks come with the different sizes or do I need to purchase them separately? Does adding anything in particular make it so that the rumble motors or the adaptive triggers get removed? Ultimately I'm looking for a controller with: 4 remappable buttons on the back Mechanical Buttons Rubber grip Changeable thumbsticks Rumble still inside Adaptive Triggers still inside Could change to hairline tiggers No idea if it would be possible to have both still And, thank you so much for having a great options for controllers. This is exactly the thing I have been searching for for a while now
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