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  1. Thank you so much Mundus, I really appreciate that! I guess I have some studying to do, I had no idea about the "Sub" modes or how to work them or even turn them on. Just thankful it's not the controller and it's user error. I appreciate the feedback and thank you so much for the controller, is awesome!
  2. I really love the design, LED lights and the ease of the "Mod Button" to switch the different mods. I wish I still had the email of the person who helped me at Mega Mods he was awesome and the responses to my questions were practically immediate. But...... when I play the new Modern Warfare Warzone and use Rapid Fire, That "Shoot and lay down at the same time" mod and I think the Auto Spot when I use the left trigger to aim my gun, the left trigger, instead of aiming, it throws a grenade and when I try to open a box with the "X" button in Warzone Plunders, it throws a tactical grenade instead (smoke, flash bang, etc.). Am I the idiot who doesn't know how to work the controller or is there something wrong with the controller. Again, I love the design and will be buying my controllers in the future with Mega Mods because of the helpful staff and the immediate answers to my question but I would just love to get this issue solved so I can get the full use out of my controller. Just a side note, has anyone used Mods for the game "Starfield" and if so, which ones? Thank you for everything Mega Mods and the folks over there. You guys are awesome!! Scott
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