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  1. Something else that I’ve been thinking about, instead of returning my controller and waiting for my new purchase, can I just go ahead and program my controller to have the Macro Remap feature? I’m aware that I will lose the call of duty enhancements, but I’m fine with that.
  2. Thanks it was rather confusing. I went ahead and placed an order for the correct controller and Will be returning this one.
  3. My mistake on the submode 5. But How do I get to Sub mode 3 and submode 4? for the Auto Burst feature?
  4. I got my controller and mapped the left macro paddle to the square button. However, when I try to change to submode five, it will not go past submode two. I can change between submode 1 and submode 2 using L2 and R2 but it will not go past submode 2. I did a factory reset and try to again and still the same result. What do I have to do for submode 5? The way I am entering the sub mode menu is by holding the mod button for two seconds and then holding the left paddle for two seconds. the controller LEDs then change to red at the top indicating that I’m in submode. However, I cannot move up from there.
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