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  1. You need to hold x and release at the right time depending on a players shooting stats, badges , height, weight , arm length . So many factors . And then 2k Ronnie lives to shut this kind of stuff down going on in his game these days it seems like lol. So even if ya did dial in , it would have to be adjusted after every update which is pretty frequent . So having a controller made specifically for nba 2k for making green shots and not being able to also allow it to have dribble moves assigned to paddles (multiple analog stick movements ) is just something that doesn’t seem realistic . Best people can do for this is just get the remapping macro controller and then dial it in yourself . For example; have you’re shoooting changed from skill stick to square to shoot (for ps4/ps5) and then people could just adjust the macro to have it release the shoot button to have it green for their specific player . But again would be more work than it’s worth IMO, you could honestly just get better at shooting and be as good I feeel like by the time you have it dialed in with a macro and hopefully the update won’t mess it up which it Will lol 😕
  2. Did you ever figure this out man ? Was wanting to get the remapping macro ps5 controller for making dribble macros on it . Were you able to make macros with analog stick inputs to make the dribble moves and then assign them to a back paddle? Or can you only make button input macros and not analog stick movements ? Thanks in advanced !
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