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  1. Is there anyway I can order the led board and replace myself? I have technical experience as long as I can get the parts.
  2. After some brief testing I noticed that the mods are still working, it’s just that all 4 leds stay on a red. It can be tough to adjust submods for rapid fire as an example with them all staying on. Any advice on what I may be able to do myself to correct this without shipping it back? I’d like to avoid shipping fees and any replacement costs if I can. thanks
  3. Hello, I purchased a PS5 controller from you and it has worked great. However recently I noticed an update occurred for the controller and since then whenever I want to use it the mod lights are all on and red. I can’t get any mod to work, I even tried the mod reset sequence which the lights turned white and then did the small flashing action I believe signifying the rest worked. However the lights just went back to all being on and red. Any suggestions to help get this working again? thanks
  4. Any plans to add anti-recoil adjustments as a mod?
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