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  1. Hi Mundus, I sure can. Here is a link to Controller reviewers video that is only about 6 min long and covers all of the news regarding playstations release of the new models and what improvements Playstation made. This is all in the wake of a class action lawsuit with playstation regarding the controllers faulty components. Play Station upgraded the controllers with little communication about it but the new controllers are a big improvement due to short lifespan of the initial PS5 controller joystick mechanisms. This will become a big deal to consumers spending upwards of $200-$300 on a paddle controller if the lifespan of the controller is significantly less before experiencing stick drift and locked up adaptive triggers.. Mega Modz might even want to jump on the class action lawsuit if their inventory is full of the faulty models. My hope is Mega Modz will find a way to ensure users can get the new model or allow users to purchase their controller from Play station and send it in for modifications with the cost of the base controller waived. I know my money will spend with the company that does this.
  2. New PS5 models are out with longer lasting joystick mechanisms and a lot more gameplay before the dreaded stick drift sets in. I am sure I am in the same boat as a lot of customers that want to get their hands on this new model, but with the paddle module on it. How can we make sure the custom controllers we are ordering are the new model? If you do not have any new models available for customization, Are you allowing customers to purchase the base controller from Playstation and send it for modification?(obviously, at a discount since the customer will be purchasing the base controller from playstation.) Please share your game plan, as I am looking to jump on getting one of these new models and am hoping Mega Modz is aware of this demand before another company swoops in and steals the player base looking for one.
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