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  1. I'm picky, and yes, I did expect it to fit OEM parts, or at least a callout to say that it wouldn't. I'm sure I'd be happier with low expectations like you, but my career has demanded higher standards. Not sure how you arrived at such a position of condescension, but my wife got quite a giggle out of calling me a kid. Happy trolling.
  2. Thanks for this, but I expect if you guys are doing this then competitors are too, and I've waited close to a year just to get to this point. I'm not happy but not returning it either. Instead I'll be designing and 3D Printing a new case for the wireless charger that can accommodate both controllers, then cannibalize the stock wireless charger for the magnetic connectors and whatever miscellaneous goodies are contained within. I am assuming that those connectors would still work on the Megamodz controller if they could connect, perhaps you could confirm?
  3. OK, so poor design it is. Why wasn't this made clear on the product page? The only workable answer now is to plug it into USB, and the whole point of the wireless charger is to both get away from that, and to save the USB socket from wear and tear. I'm incredibly unimpressed.
  4. Hello, I just received my PS5 Macro Remap controller, and first thing I did was try to put it on my PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller Charging Station for charging. Much to my chagrin, the macro remap buttons appear to get in the way so the controller won't connect and I can't charge. Am I doing something incorrect? I had checked before ordering and there was no statement anywhere that I could find indicating that I would no longer be able to use a standard OEM product to charge, so very much hoping this is user error on my part and not design oversight. Thanks for your time. https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/accessories/dualsense-wireless-controller/#charging-station
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