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  1. I just picked up my controller today and I'm loving the feel and aesthetic of it, but I've noticed that I can't do too much with the back. The orange mod switch button on the back of my PS4 Pro controller won't do anything, and you kinda need that to program any of the turbo/holding functionality for the macro paddles on the back. It could be that I'm not doing it right, but I tried to set a stock button using the usual input of Hold Switch/Macro/Stock buttons for two seconds, but no flashing or rumbling is indicated. Even trying to reset to factory default requires use of the orange button on the back with the PS button, so I can't do too much there either because no LEDs indicate that anything is happening. I appreciate any feedback :) I do love this controller, don't get me wrong it's amazing, I just need to know how to fix this or if it's an issue on my behalf and I'm doing it wrong. But I really hope it's not an issue with the internals, that would require me to send it back.
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