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  1. Video of testing in progress and some additional info in description. https://vimeo.com/778740077
  2. L2, L1 give no feeeback. Select, start, l3 and r3 have register as " in keyboard controls. Y reads as L1 so on and so fourth.
  3. The link i got from you earlier sent me to a version of the app for windows. I just found gamepad tester for android on the play store. Will test now.
  4. Yes actually it sort of does. You said "It seems like whatever device I am using is causing the issue". However that may be the case I just wanted to check in and see if anyone knew what was going on. I appreciate you taking the time out to respond and try to help out. I really like this controller and it has been my go-to for all games. I have others, but none as nice as my megamodz controller. I would love to get it working again. I have tried to clear all mod settings in the controller and that does nothing. I have swapped batteries, unpaired -forgot device -repaired to devices and its still the same. The buttons are all screwed up as far as the controller mapping goes and I cannot seem to figure out how to get it to stop doing it. It was fine 4 days ago. All of the harware works well and the controller is in great condition (looks almost new). Just thought I would provide some more info in case I missed something before. Maybe it will help. Thanks again!
  5. I am also curious as to how you come to the conclusion that my devices are causing the issue based on the info provided.
  6. Cannot run that app on android devices. The controller has never done this with any other device. I have used it flawlessly with android and PC for nearly a year. Now its not registering the correct inputs on android devices. (More than one) You have another app I can test with? I am certain that its not the device I am using, unless all of my devices decided to sync up and tell the controller to act stupid. (Highly doubtful) but am willing to test again.
  7. My Xbox One S Modded controller from megamodz has just suddenly began to act strangely. When I press a button (Y for example) the controller tells the devices im using that im pressing R1. Start button registers as 315? Select button registers as DOT? The mapping for this controller has just suddenly gone haywire basically and Its not usable. I have tried different software, different games and even try remapping controls in game through the games menus but its always wacky no matter what. I have never dropped this controller by the way, this is totally random.How can I fix this?
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