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  1. So I learned that after you solder the base onto the circuit board you leave the potentiometers unsolders and adjust them back and forth till your thumbstick are centered. You can use a gamepad troubleshooter on a computer to test the alignment. So the thumbstick problem has been solved. Still havent figured out my b button yet. Drew
  2. I was able to replace the left stick just fine. The right one is giving me a run for my money. I took another look at the schematics and I know there are 6 pins for the left and right movement. 1 signal for both x and y axis and the two other measure how much you are moving the stick left or right. My assumption would be one of the two pins measuring the left or right is cold soldered and making the processor read that the stick is fully engaged up and to the left due to the cold solder. I'll be taking it apart again tonight and seeing if I can get around it. I'm going to resolder my extra b button to the unpopulated D14 diode and check resistance to the processor to see if the signal is making it there. Drew
  3. Hey everyone, I am pretty new at modding controllers and I had an original xbox one controller that needed new thumbstick. I figured why not pull it apart and add some new buttons and replace the thumbsticks. I did exactly that but now I am running into the issue that the right thumb stick just make my player look left and up, and the extra b button doesnt not work. I tried soldering the tact switch to the d14 but that didnt work so I tried soldering it to a different point of the b button wiring. Still didnt work. I also re soldered the thumbstick to ensure a good connection and the are no cold solders. Also, still a thumbstick problem. Does anyone know how to fix these two issues? I had more problems but I was able to fix them these two are the only constant. Thanks. Drew
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