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  1. The only thing that seems to work is following the remap macro instructions for remapping the back buttons NO OTHER mods will start !!! Kinda frustrated
  2. Thank you for responding..... I have tried several times to change the button layout by pressing the mod button and ps button all 4leds come on white but nothing happens after when I hit triangle .... after 3 seconds or so the lights flash red and off
  3. Wondering if I can change my button layout on my new modded controller .... trying to change it tactical flipped .... I got controller loaded with both macro buttons and full mod package .... but so far can only program macro buttons nothing else will accept
  4. Can’t seem to load any mods can only program the macro buttons but i ordered a full mod controller
  5. I have tapped the triangle and this doesn’t work nothing happens
  6. I have just received my new modded controller and trying to set it up tactical flipped button layout however controller doesn’t seem to accept it ..... please help
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