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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a Switch Pro modded controller during the holiday season for my nephew. He advised yesterday that he is no longer able to charge the controller using the charging port. He tried multiple cables and multiple USB outlets with no success. Thinking the charging port is broken. How can I go about getting this sent in for repair? Thank you for your time.
  2. Just wanted to point out that your website does indeed indicate a mod feature on the Nintendo Switch modded controllers. Might want to fix that as it is confusing. Thank you for the quick reply.
  3. Hello, I just purchased a Nintendo Switch Pro modded controller and one page indicates "Rapid Fire" included on the initial selection page, but I don't see any reference to that anywhere else. Does the controller come with this feature or does it not? Reference: https://megamodz.com/store/custom-nintendo-switch-pro-controllers
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