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  1. Thank you for your help – its working now! Last question – is it possible to program a combination of button presses ? What I would like to program - im thinking that programming two crouch’s on the O button and 1 left or right stick move combined performs a drop and roll in Battlefront 1).
  2. Trying to setup my megamodz and having some difficulty. Im watching the video but his doesnt have as many buttons on the back as mine does. I did exactly what he said to switch submodes (trying to get to Turbo mode) but instead of being able to switch through the different modes, i have one led lit up green on the top right side, and when i press the right paddle on the back, the green led switches back and forth from the rt side green top to the rt side green bottom. thanks for you help
  3. Confused about using Rapid fire with mp5 for example... Whenever I turn on the mod and try to shoot, it shoots like semi automatic or something... Can I make it shoot normal for mp5?
  4. So I binded my R2 to mash really fast and when I set it to x so it can press x really fast it was just pushing it super slowly. Is this normal for it to mash R2 super fast and X super slow?
  5. Mine took forever with first class shipping to Chile. I do not advise anyone get this shipping, better to pay extra and do express.
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