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  1. James, my order just arrived, so there’s no more worries. Your urgency to respond is very much appreciated. The controller looks amazing and I thank you and your team for the amazing work! Stay safe!
  2. Good Morning, I ordered a controller at the end of December. The initial ETA was 11/11/20. It’s now 1/22/21 as I still haven’t received my order. I decided to wait awhile before reaching out because I understand the rush of the post- holidays and companies are still slammed with orders, just as shipping and mailing companies are slammed with deliveries. I started getting concerned however as I kept tracking my order and it hasn’t been updated since 11/10/20. Is there any chance I could get an update on my delivery or at least find out where it is in transit since the tracking number I have isn’t giving me any updates?
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