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  1. Has anyone had the falshing problem with the mod? I charged it up and when I press the ps button the controller light flashes 29 times and stops. I can't do anything with it. Am I missing something here?
  2. Claude, I have looked into it that’s why I’m asking because it was still kind of confusing. It says macros has a “turbo” feature that works the same way rapid fire does so I’m guessing that’s why it comes with two paddles.
  3. So does the macro controller include the rapid fire mod? Sorry for all these questions ))))))))
  4. Thank you, have you tried rapid fire on TLOU? I was really after rapid fire but you got me wondering why a macro controller is better in your opinion?
  5. Hi all, I am doing my research and not sure what controller to select. Would anyone be able to link me to a modded controller that would work with TLOU? Or should I ask is it compatible with the ps4 version of the last of us? I see a lot of info about cod, fortnite, but nothing for TLOU
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