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  1. Ive literally bought 3 PS4 controllers from MegaModz and they never seem to disappoint I get the fully loaded package too Duel wield Rapid fire Burst Duel Triggers all that everything always works never have had even one issue either. I'm a avid warzone player I play damn near 10-20 hours a week, rapid fire helps with the recoil control of ground loot guns since being on PS4 my FOV is so low the guns in general have a visual kick is that is terrible but with the rapid fire option it helps to slow the fire rate so it doesn't have so much crazy vertical kick. Now for people who don't understand too if you have a gun that is fully automatic and doesn't have a semiautomatic option to toggle it spits the bullets out in a stuttering way, so instead of the fully automatic were it climbs heavy in vertical and you can't or don't want to toggle your analog down this rapid fire option is super Key! Also too it does its jump for the semiautomatic weapons too whatever RPM it has it maxs that RPM. So yeah no complaints here I recommend it 100% thanks MegaModz!!!
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