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Just recently got my controller :)

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This is my first custom controller i got just a simple one (paddles and trigger stops) I've used paddles before and I've never found the perfect one for me but I can definitely say the way these paddles are set up are a game changer. Easy remapping and pretty damn good placement. The only weird part for me was the trigger stop location, when they're being used atleast. I can feel them when I'm using the paddles but honestly it's not a deal breaker And when they're not on you barely feel them. I definitely recommend buying one from this site. I got a good discount and got my controller within a couple of days 🙂 (I play R6 and CoD and rocket league. R6 makes it easy when crouching to not mess up your shot without losing different features. Cod on the other hand I used to play bumper jumper tactical so the r3 crouch is embedded in my muscle memory so its gonna be hard to break but I did hit some crazy shots by accident because r3 is mount when aiming) 

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