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  1. It doesn't seem to be.  I know you hit L2 to lower the values.  So first up is the seconds value. I hit L2 until the lights stop changing.  I believe all 4 are yellow.
    I click the mod button on the back, and this should take me to 100ths of seconds. yes?  I change this the same way until all 4 LEDs are yellow, click the mod button.  Then for the last group, this is the 10's of seconds.  I alter this the same way only the lights are different this time.   I click L2 until the top Left is green and the other 3 LEDs are red.  I assume this means the lowest number of tens of seconds possible.  By my understanding this means the button should be pressed 25 times a second?  This can't be right as I'm able to click x faster with my thumb.  Please help!

  2. So I want a turbo controller.  I purchased a macro as I was told in the chat that it would do what I want, but I don't think it does.  There are 2 additional buttons on the back of the controller which is what I wanted.  But I want to program one of them when held down to press x faster than the speed of light.  Like the old turbo controllers did for Sega and Nintendo.  I want to program the other button to cause the left thumb stick to wiggle back and forth faster than the speed of light when held.  Did I buy the wrong thing?  Is this possible with any of your products?  I was told the macro could do this, and by reading the instructions, I don't think it can.

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